Driven by passion.

With a passion and love of jewelry, I started making jewelry as a hobby. As much as I work on each piece, I love every moment of it and thrive to learn new techniques to advance my skills and designs. After several years tinkering and refining my designs, designbyGam is now a full time business. I’m very blessed with the response from public on every sale channels I have such as ETSY, Amazon Handmade and Faire Wholesale.

My designs are focusing on clean and simplicity. Using high quality materials and metalwork techniques. I mostly use Sterling silver, Gold filled and raw metals, semi precious gemstones and freshwater pearls. You’ll often find me closeted in a quiet at my work bench, full filled my orders on daily basis. I spent most of my free time learning new techniques to advance my skills, creating new design and hunting for the beautiful materials for the next project.

It always made my day when the customers send me the message of how much they love their new jewelry. I couldn’t kept the smile off my face and that would driven me to keep going.