Paperclip bracelet



Paperclip link bracelet will be great by itself for minimalist look or stacking them up as arm candies. These bracelet will be made to order and it will fit snuggly on your wrist. The clasp hoop designed to look alike one of the link. As shown in the pictures, it’s 6″ long bracelet.

Item specification :

– Material : Sterling silver or Gold filled

– Chain style : Paperclip/ oval link

– Measurement : each link is 12.5mm x 7mm

– Bracelet size : 6″, 6.5″, 7″ and 7.5″

Due to tight fit, it may difficult to put on at first, but I tried this bracelet on and off multiple times. It’s little work to get it on but it will stay on.

For working with gold filled, I only use 14k gold solder and the soldered is visible. I want to assure you that it will not chip or turn your skin colored. All metal color will get dull over time. The simple jewelry cleaning cloth will restore their original shine.

Additional information


GF / 6.5 inches, GF / 7 inches, GF / 7.5 inches, GF/ 6 inches, SS / 6 inches, SS / 6.5 inches, SS / 7 inches, SS / 7.5 inches


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